Sending Happy Thoughts

Before I started blogging I thought that I would be really smart and make sure all of my titles were alliterated, because I am a huge fan of alliteration (all words beginning with the same sound). That thought was short lived and actually hasn’t happened. Maybe next year! I’m just proud of myself for finally blogging. Seriously, I’ve been card blog stalking for probably two years and only now feel like I should be able to have my own blog.

This was a card I made for a friend who had been out of work for awhile. I just wanted her to know I was thinking of her and praying for the best for her. Isnice it nice to know that people are thinking of us?!

As for the card, I really love these colors together, which I didn’t think I would before I put it together. They are so fun and fresh. I wish I could say I’m excited about spring which will give way to summer, but since I live in Phoenix I’m really dreading summer. The last few days have been cool and even rainy, which has been teasing my senses into thinking that maybe just this year we will have a real spring! Ha! I’ll keep dreaming…

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