Non-Traditional Anniversary Card

If you know me for any length of time you will soon find that I am a pretty non-traditional person when it comes to…well, pretty much anything. I even asked my husband, when he was still my fiance and not yet my husband, if he would take my maiden name as his last name. I was shockingly surprised when he said he would; i, however, didn’t actually make him do it. it would’ve been pretty cool though. in the end I kept my maiden name and added his. Okay, so maybe I’m not that non-traditional, since many women have done it for years.

For this 20 year anniversary card for a couple that I know and love, I did end up going non-traditional. I can only hope to last 20 years with my husband. In my opinion, so far he’s made it worth it! Although some days it feels like it’s been way longer than 5!

In the last post I talked about loving turquoise, orange, and pink. Well, the day I made this card I loved turquoise, orange, and red together, with a twinge of pink. Hmmm….I’m sensing a theme!

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