You’re Special to Me-Totally Hues Challenge

I have loved the Totally Hues Challenge ever since I stumbled upon it several weeks ago. The colors are always so bright and uplifting.

This week’s Totally Hues Challenge 4 was hard for me because I have to admit that I never use yellow. NEVER!

My yellow isn’t even the exact same shade, so I hope that doesn’t matter. I definitely love pink, which I’m sure you can tell from looking at my card. I added raspberry fizz all over the poor thing! In my opinion this cards is pretty clean and simple, which I have a hard time making cards that are clean and simple. I either feel like I don’t add enough to my cards or else I add way too much. Urgh! And I rarely leave white space on my cards. For some reason it scares me. Even my house doesn’t have much white space. I vowed when I was younger that once I bought my own house I would immediately paint all the walls so none of them would be left white. Although I do have a few white walls, most of them are painted lots of great warm colors. I love color!!!!

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2 Responses to You’re Special to Me-Totally Hues Challenge

  1. YaYa Diede says:

    Another beautiful card!!! All of sudden you have inspiration galore!

  2. Heather P. says:

    This is sooooo ADORABLE! Love all the sparkly goodness! 🙂

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