Talent Begets Talent

So I have a very talented friend who makes the most beautiful jewelry I’ve ever laid eyes on. Seriously, I’m not just saying that because she’s my friend. She REALLY does make beautiful jewelry. If you don’t believe me, check it out here. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Anyway, she has a very talented mother who makes the most beautiful paintings I’ve ever seen. Amazing stuff. Again, I’m not just saying that because she is the mother of my friend. You can check out her stuff here.

I think talent must beget talent. But that’s my humble opinion, okay, maybe not so humble!!!

Recently they asked me if I would make some cards using smaller photos of her paintings, which I immediately agreed to. I really wanted the card to be about her paintings, so I tried not to detract from them in any way. I think the paintings speak for themselves and really don’t need any beautifying. The picture I used in the card below is one of hers. It’s incredible. If you like her work, please please please go to her website.

I also used the Card Patterns 110 sketch, but kept my card really simple.

I really hope you visit my friend’s, Wexford Jewelers, and my friend’s mother’s, Alla Prima Lady, websites. You won’t be disappointed! Be blessed, kiesa

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One Response to Talent Begets Talent

  1. Tracy says:

    Beautiful paintings! I agree, I think talent is genetic. LOL Glad you could play along with us on Card Patterns this week!

    Please be sure to use a direct link to your blog post next time so we can find it easily. That would look like this:

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