Moxie Fab World: 350 Cards & Gifts Week: The Card Sets Challenge

This is totally last minute, but I really hope I’m getting my card gift set in on time to be added to Moxie Fab World’s 350 Card and Gifts Week: the Card Sets Challenge!

I love gift sets and this one was pretty easy, fun to make, and beautiful to look at (in my not so humble opinion!). The patterned paper is pink and copper. I painted cream colored cardstock with precious metals copper leafing to match the copper in the patterned paper. I added a very dark teal ribbon, because I love pink and teal together. I was going to add a different sentiment to each card but really loved the flourishy hello so just used that for all of the cards. I finished ’em off with some teal pearls. Super simple. Duper Pretty! I couldn’t come up with a creative container to put them in so I’m using a really pretty $1 gift bag find from Target.

Here are all the cards I made with the gift bag:

Please forgive the bad camera taking skills. I was in a huge hurry!

I hope that you made it to Moxie Fab World and added your creations to not only this challenge but all the other lovely challenges. If you didn’t submit anything, I hope you at least take a gander at all the other beautiful works of art. Be blessed, kiesa

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2 Responses to Moxie Fab World: 350 Cards & Gifts Week: The Card Sets Challenge

  1. Cath says:

    Hey Kiesa! Thanks for linking these up to the Card Set Challenge in the Moxie Fab World in celebration of 350 Cards & Gifts Week! Good luck in the random drawing! 🙂

  2. YaYa Diede says:

    Beautiful color combination! There’s so much work that goes into your cards, and so much talent!

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